Seattle Web Development, Theme Customization and Design

Seattle Town Car Services

Worked closely with client, he was quite specific on what they wanted. Logo/badge graphic design is new for this website.


Yes & Video Marketing

Update the website with a Fun Creative Professional look

Worked closely with client to customize page layout and theme customization. All content and branding provided by client. Added content, some new some migrated from older version of website.

SeaTac Limo Service

Worked with client to create a luxurious limousine website. Worked closely with client to select images, add content and customize theme. Made the simple yet elegant logo to go with the responsive WordPress theme.



We do Freelance work. Our contribution varies from small modifications and fixes, to complete websites.

Leah Kosh Portfolio

Her original web designer could not finish website, I stepped in and finished off the website. Most of my work was in fine tunning some details and in setting up portfolio section and pages. And continued support to client.


The Black Lodge

Convert client PS design into website.

Worked closely with client to build a one page responsive website from their very nice Photoshop design.

Rachel Myers Design

Production Designer Portfolio

Switched from a Flash website to WordPress. All the content ended up being new, images videos, etc. Completely custom layout designed by client.


Redmond Limo Service

Original Rails site broke so converted theme to WordPress, client wanted more change, so updated look, logo (purchased, not a custom design), slides etc. Goal was a site that worked more or less the same across mobile to desktop.

Hacienda Custom Woodwork

Portfolio website for Custom Woodwork Craftsman.

Client provided photos of his work and from that I made him a portfolio website.

Included logo design as part of website build.


Harlow's Trailways

Charter Bus Website.

Worked with content, branding and design criteria provided by client to build a business website with a focus on providing information about Harlow’s Trailways and online reservation and contact forms.


Mad Capper Studios

Portfolio website for Video Production company

Custom theme design working closely with client’s branding and design specifications.


IsGood Woodworks

A Community Woodworking Space. Client was frustrated with CMS site was built on - we converted it to WordPress. Made some changes to design in the process. While the design remains true to the original non-WP website, the website was rebuilt from the ground up so that it would work with WP.



Client invented a handy cooking tool to prevent scorched fingers when cooking with the oven. Needed a sales page website to help promote his product.


Gravel Road Blues

A band website.

Design is influenced by requests made by the band (sample sites they liked, artwork provided by them, what they wanted on site). They wanted the home page to auto-play their music and a simple means to provide their tour schedule.


Lois Shelton Portfolio

A film maker’s portfolio for film maker and mixed media artist.


Annabel Bits

BigCommerce online store

Created original design based on clients input. In addition to design and theme development, set up store and added all store products, helped with logo, branding, and other graphic design. Fun project.


Drop Foundation

A non-profit website

Drilling wells for communities in Uganda that need a nearby source for clean water. Set up to accept donations and track new wells being built.


Seattle Staging Company

Seattle Staging Company needed a website to display the wide variety of furnishings available for staging. Collaborated with client to build website up from scratch.

Beautiful homes sell faster.


Lokahi Healing

New branding for spiritual healer website

Fun to work with Trisha, she always has a pretty good idea of what she wants and communicates well in design and development process. This is a new brand and website for her, previous website was


Dressing To The Nines

Update site to reflect move to Seattle

Update the header image to show a Seattle landmark and minor changes. Map new custom domain to Blogger. Change and modify Blogger theme design.


Now On Doody

A business website that cleans up pet waste from your yard.

They called on Monday wanting the site transferred from one host to a new domain and hosting by Wednesday. This included converting from a table layout to a CSS layout and implementing the translated design as a WordPress theme.


Juli Morsella Portfolio

A portfolio for galleries

This site was developed to serve as a no fuss, no mess portfolio site. It’s target audience is galleries and only galleries.


Afrooz Ahmadi Portfolio

A dramatic black and red presentation of her portfolio artwork.


Seattle Limo Service

Create a Modern one page Limousine Website

Worked with client to create a modern one page limousine website. Worked closely with client to select images, add content and customize theme.


Kirkland Limo Service

Limousine website

Client would pick the theme to use, provide content, then rely on me to finish customizing and setting up the website per his general outline and instructions.



WordPress Development, Harden WordPress, and Secure Hosting service.

It’s not enough to build the perfect website – you need to lock the gate as best you can to protect all your invested time and money against malicious malware, spam and hackers. That, and find and remove malware should it get past your defenses. New service in development.


Kids Car Charity

Charity to accept car donations and use them to fund programs for kids.


Fisherman's Green Market Deli

Local market and Deli e-commerce website

Client wanted an easy way for customers to order food online and pick it up the next day. Uses WooCommerce plugin to add shopping cart functionality. Good healthy food!


Puyallup Limo Service

Limousine website going for an elegant professional look.

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