Get Professional Results When You Customize WordPress Themes

Get Professional Results when you customize WordPress Themes for your Website

We developed all the websites bellow using the same theme as a starting point, and then went on to customize the WordPress theme to suit each clients needs. The theme used for all these websites is WooTheme’s Canvas theme.

This sample of Canvas themed websites serves to show the variety of websites that are possible using just one WordPress theme coupled with unique content and careful customization. The trick is to get a good grasp on your content, how you will present it, and find a theme with the right combinations of features to help you achieve your goals.

There are an almost endless number and variety of WordPress themes out there. Many are are flexible and chameleon-like in the same way that Canvas is. Other themes take a different route and focus on being the perfect theme for one market segment (e.g. restaurant, real estate, retail, health, contractor, artist, blog etc.). The majority of themes land somewhere in the middle, not quite the changeling that Canvas is, nor so fixed in their structure that they can only work with one type of specialty.

One way or another, when you know what you want and when done correctly, there is the perfect theme out there to make a professional website with the look and features you want.

Take a look at these Canvas websites to get an idea of what’s possible when content and customization is added to a theme. Use their example as inspiration when you prepare for your website. Gather together what you’ll want on your website, including images and content for the various pages. Research the WordPress themes out there. Look at your competition to get additional ideas. Then, when you’re ready with your information and ideas, send us a request for proposal. And we’ll go from there – it won’t be long till you have a professional customized website of your own.

We look forward to helping you customize WordPress to build the perfect website for your business, personal, non-profit or artistic needs. | | | |
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