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Before you pick a theme to use for your website test out it’s features and layouts online. See how it looks on different devices and browsers. Make sure it’s well put together, and that it has the resources behind it to provide continued updates and support. And get your web designer/developer to do this with you.

We specialize in implementing and customizing quality WordPress themes. Chose from one of the themes that we recommend, or suggest your own theme and let us review it with you. The themes we recommend all have polished demo sites showing what the theme is capable of – including all it’s features, custom pages and layout options.

Before a theme choice is finalized for your website we will walk you through that theme’s demo site, explain it’s strengths and weaknesses, clarify what is possible and what is not, and answer all your questions. When you select the theme to use for your website it will be with the confidence that you understand what it can and can’t do.

Not interested in reviewing themes? Not sure the theme can look the way you want? No problem – we are glad to provide a series of mockups showing you exactly what the theme will look like with your content, branding, and design. Sign off on the mockups and that is what your finished website will look like.

You’ll know what you’re getting from the very beginning. We make sure your finished website will be exactly what has been explained using theme demos, further developed with design mockups, and promised to you in our contract.


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